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The Legend of the Fire Torch


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Mwthana has to get the fire home before her mother returns. Not so long ago after the Awambos finally settled, in the small village of Uukwandongo. Mwathana forgot to keep the fire burning, after her mother told her look after the cooking food and it completely died out. In those days, no matches were around, and the fire stones were not available in all homesteads. This was the case in Mwathana’s homesteads. Her mother told her to go and get some fire from her uncle’s house, since she had no sisters. On her journey she reluctantly took Mwahla, a long friend who disappointed her in the past. A journey which was suppose to be normal, turned into the most frighten and exiting, like could never image…

Tate Kulu’s Tales

Omazimo in association with BKDS MSS has revived Tate Kulu’s Tales, a Omazimo brand which was created in 2011. Tate Kulu’s Tales focuses on shorter stories which teach a lesson.

Nduka and Kanzingona – A Dream is Born part 2


Season 1, E2 

 Kanzingona emerged from the water at that exact moment her eyes met with Nduka. The connection found between them was overwhelmingly thrilling. It was as if they were transported from this world into one in which nothing matter expect the person that stood…

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A dream is born


Season 1, E1(Part 1)

It is the late hours of the morning and Kanzingona, is in a bad mood. Her mother Munageni, and the late Chief Tshaanika’s wife asks,

“Where are you going?”

“To the river!”


Kanzingona is accompanied by her half-sister Kasikuu.

“Kasikuu, I don’t know why my mother does not understand me?”

Kasikuu pretend to care, but in her thoughts she was like, I’m glad that she doesn’t! You deserve it!”

Yet, she pretends to sympathise,

“Don’t worry she is only doing so, because she loves you”.

“But, she is at times so unfair. Why can’t she just give me the chance to be myself? Instead of always making decisions for me!”

On the other side the AaKwaniliya boys are coming. Riding on gigantic-fit bulls. These were mostly used for carrying water and heavy luggage,  for short distances journeys. Amongst them was Nduka, Lonnda and Nakale. Nduka was the last born and far younger, yet he appeared to be the eldest of the two.

Upon arrival the boys were suppose to chase Kanzingona and Kasikuu away, but Nduka, forbade them; even though it was he, who usually initiated such endeavours.  The other boys found this weird, because the house of the AaKwaniliya and AaKwanazi families do not drink from the same river, especially not at the same time, for many years now.

The AaKwaniliya and the AaKwananzi have been at war for the past 100 years. Nobody ever told the story on why they had a dreadful hatred amongst the families. In fact, nobody even knows! Nobody even knows how it all began— and of course nobody dared asked! All the generations after that, were simply told to hate and that is what they did— with all their hearts and with all their minds; and this carried on in their bloods for years.


During, 100 A.D. the Bantu began to migrate from West Africa to the middle and Southern Africa. Their numbers had increased so much that there was not enough food and land to feed their families, grow their crops and build their houses. The young men decided to set off for greener pastures. Amongst them was Nduva, a very vivacious young man. He had just married a beautiful young lady by the name Naambo. They were both from different tribes. Their families on both sides did not want them to get married, but they did any way. Their story is not going to be told now. There better things to discuss, the story of Nduka and Kanzingona.
What does it take to love in an African bond community? Does love really exist in Africa? Well, these are just about the same questions faced by Nduka and Kanzingona. For them it was love at first sight. They had a lot in common; they were both from noble families, they both had terrible war experiences, but there was one thing that over ruled all! They were both from
different families. In fact, families that bitterly hated each other for centauries now.

If, they really loved each other and that is, If?! They would have to overcome witch craft, cruelty, war, hostility, lies, uncountable battles both physical and spiritual, and last but not lest, even Death itself.

Now, it is up to Nduka and Kanzingona to fight tradition and the ways of their people; to prove their love for one another. Will they survive the harsh cruel magic of the Great He-She? Or will they give up and suffer the internal bondage to marry someone whom they don’t love? Or will they overcome and live happily ever after?

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