Season 1, E1(Part 1)

It is the late hours of the morning and Kanzingona, is in a bad mood. Her mother Munageni, and the late Chief Tshaanika’s wife asks,

“Where are you going?”

“To the river!”


Kanzingona is accompanied by her half-sister Kasikuu.

“Kasikuu, I don’t know why my mother does not understand me?”

Kasikuu pretend to care, but in her thoughts she was like, I’m glad that she doesn’t! You deserve it!”

Yet, she pretends to sympathise,

“Don’t worry she is only doing so, because she loves you”.

“But, she is at times so unfair. Why can’t she just give me the chance to be myself? Instead of always making decisions for me!”

On the other side the AaKwaniliya boys are coming. Riding on gigantic-fit bulls. These were mostly used for carrying water and heavy luggage,  for short distances journeys. Amongst them was Nduka, Lonnda and Nakale. Nduka was the last born and far younger, yet he appeared to be the eldest of the two.

Upon arrival the boys were suppose to chase Kanzingona and Kasikuu away, but Nduka, forbade them; even though it was he, who usually initiated such endeavours.  The other boys found this weird, because the house of the AaKwaniliya and AaKwanazi families do not drink from the same river, especially not at the same time, for many years now.

The AaKwaniliya and the AaKwananzi have been at war for the past 100 years. Nobody ever told the story on why they had a dreadful hatred amongst the families. In fact, nobody even knows! Nobody even knows how it all began— and of course nobody dared asked! All the generations after that, were simply told to hate and that is what they did— with all their hearts and with all their minds; and this carried on in their bloods for years.