Omazimo  – African Stories.


Omazimo is directly translated as relative family group from my Oshiwambo language.



“Omazimo  beautiful  African people” was the concept I had, when I first created the comic in 2009, during my grade 12th year. The first comic was Omazimo Nduka and Kanzingona. Furthermore, it became the BKDS comic to go online on the 19 November 2009.


Over the years Omazimo grew to a more rounded concept, branching in postcolonialism with specific reference to the liberation of both the African and African Diasporian’s mind. At present all Omazimo stories are written by Katengue Santos.


Omazimo aims to revive the forgotten African roots and stories, maintain record African stories and preserve those that are still known.

Omazimo  emphasises on the beauty of African people.

Omazimo promotes the beauty, intelligence and sophistication of the African people.

Omazimo aims to promote African themed scenery  and characters in stories, animation and books.


Omazimo SA (South Africa)

In 2012, Omazimo SA was born to cater for the South African Stories. The first was Omazimo SA – The Three Golden Calabashes.






In connection with the Post-colonialism which emphasises on a postcolonial identity a hybrid culture constituted of Western cultural influence and the native culture (Fischer -Tine, 2011). This notion elevates the native Africans that have allowed themselves to be limited by the past colonial experiences. It is often said that South Africa is one year behind than the rest of the world in terms of design. It does not have to be that way since we can come up with new ideas that are only unique to us and thus we can turn the wheel and be the ones creating the trends and not just following them. One of the problem that the Western world is facing is that so many ideas have already been up into practice, just as land is scares. However in African there are still so many unexplored opportunities, and so much land which still needs to be discovered. African has so much more to offer in terms of design.